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I love to read and I for a long time reading “self-help” books inspired me to continue changing. I have tons of favorites. There are many more kindle and traditional books listed on my amazon recommendation page.


Health and Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil
In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan
Our Daily Meds by Melody Petersen


If I am so smart, Why can’t I lose weight? by Brooke Castillo
Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels
The Four Day Win by Martha Beck


Tao Te Ching by Stephen Mitchell
Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven-Stage Journey Out of Depression by James Gordon M.D.
Loving What Is by Byron Katie


It all started with a totally sexy scar in my armpit that was constantly being irritated by every deodorant I tried. While researching deodorant for sensitive skin I stumbled on this amazing book and blog about “dirty” cosmetics. It didn’t take me long to realize the stuff that I was putting on my body was effecting the way I was feeling. After I began using “cleaner” products my scar finally healed and my make-up stopped making me break out. I have become a huge supporter of clean and organic cosmetics. Here are a few of brands & products I use daily!

Soapwalla Kitchen

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream best thing ever (my video review). I also love The Luxurious Body Oil. Handmade in the USA. Soapwalla Kitchen on Etsy | blog | facebook

Alima Pure

Alima Pure makes Mineral Makeup that does not have additive, fragrances, or fillers. I am a huge fan of their eye shadows and liners. I have very sensitive skin and I’ve never had any reaction to Alima Makeup. LOVE. My favorite shadows are currently: Nymph and Glow Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadows | blog

Bare Escentuals

If you have watched any TV or picked up a magizine in the last 5 years you have probably heard of Bare Escentuals. Their products are pretty clean and are quality. I use their foundations and brushes.

Intelligent Nutrients

I found Intelligent Nutrients from the girls at No More Dirty Looks and it didn’t take me long to fall in love completely. I use their Perfect Hold Hairspray to control my curls everyday and I have a minor panic attack when their Organic Lip Delivery Nutrition Blam is out of reach. I usually buy mine from |

John Masters Organics

I double dog dare you to not become obcessed with John Masters Organics Blood Orange and Vanilla body wash (watch my video review here). It’s impossible. But trust me, it is divine. I got a sample with some order and have been hooked ever since. It is completely worth the money (a little goes a long way). I usually buy mine from |


I love food. I eat mainly Organic food whenever possible. I’m definitely not rich, so being on a tight budget and eating Organic means there is little room for error. When you buy a box of Organic cereal that tastes like cardboard it really sucks. These are a few of my favorite organic/natural products that taste amazing.

Pure Organic Bar

These are the best fruit and nut snack bars I have found and they are gluten-free, raw, and vegan. My favs are Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Brownie, and Wild Blueberry. buy @ or via

Earthbound Farm

I am a huge fan of their Organic Power Meals (Tomatillo Black Bean Protein Energy).

EVOL Burritos

I have had a crush on these burritos for a while now. They are by far the best frozen burrito I’ve ever eaten. (EVOL = LOVE)


Fruit Juice + Fizzy = the secret to quitting conventional soda/pop. These drinks (also available at Chipotle) are so good. They have 2 servings of fruit and no added sugar. I love them. My favorites are Sparkling Blackberry and Sparkling Clementine.

RAW Protein

Over the last few months I have stopped eating meat. This is the most subtle and soy-free Organic protein powder I have found. It doesn’t take like a chocolate milk shake but its good. (note: I do not endorse the views or the other products from this manufacturer, Garden Of Life.) buy via

Nature’s Path

Natures Path make quality and tasty Organic cereal, oatmeal, and granola bars. I don’t love every variety they make but I do love the fact their products are affordable because they are often on sale. I am the biggest fan of their Organic Flax Plus Red Berry Crunch Cereral(review), I also am into their Chewy Granola Bars.

Wholly Gaucamole

I have an obsession with avocados. They are magic. Perfect on a sandwich, wrap, or salad. Avocados provide 20 essential Nutrients and their thick skin protects the inside from pesticides (so no need to buy organic). The only problem is that they can be expensive. Enter Wholly Guacamole. WG sells mashed up packaged Avocados. I love them for their smart individual serving packs and their coupons.



Blissmo is similar to Groupon but for sustainable & organic products and services.

Fig and Sage

Food Politics

Mambo Sprouts

Mambo Sprouts is a Marketing Company that is targeted at natural and organic consumers. They are the best source for organic/natural e-coupons on the web.  They have a online “Messenger” with coupons, info, recipes that comes out 5 times a year.  Also, excellent coupons for people with food allergies!

The Minimalists

Josh and Ryan are The Minimalists. They are fellow online entrepreneurs living in the Dayton area and they also happen to be hilarious. If you are looking for inspiration about how to make huge life changes you should check them out. They are all about simplifying in order to a create a more meaningful life. I highly recommend their newest e-book, Minimalism: Live a Meaningful

No More Dirty Looks

No More Dirty Looks(NMDL) is all about clean cosmetics and beauty products. I love these girls. NMDL is like your super smart friend who effortlessly makes sense of all the headlines you see about the nastiness in your favorite hairspray. They have an amazing book that outlines what is wrong with “dirty” products, the impact they can have on you, and healthy


The Natural & Organic Skincare Boutique. All you really need to know is that they handwrite Thank You notes with every order AND include free samples. Quality and Class all the way. love.

Organic Deals

Organic Deals is an excellent resource for all the latest grocery store and online organic sales.

Saffron Rouge

This is the site where I go to find one thing and end up finding 8 other things that I would also love. They also have excellent and honest customer reviews.


I built Feelbetterology and my first blog, Modern Crunch, from the ground up. I began with no knowledge of really how anything on the Internet worked, let alone how to create a blog. I was completely clueless about what WordPress even is. My education consisted of google searches and trial and error. I have learned a lot and I am definitely still learning everyday. Here are the services that I trust.


Complete Theme Control For Beginners To Experts With No Need For Code — Headway For WordPress

I started out building my first blog knowing nothing. Being an artist I wanted a theme that I could interact with visually. I am not sure how I found Headway but I am so happy I did. Their system takes a bit of time to learn but the payoff is being able to create anything your mind can dream up WITHOUT tons of CSS/HTML knowledge. I have yet to have a question I cannot find an answer to on their support forum. It is totally worth every penny. website:


I <3 NAMECHEAP Managing my domain names on Namecheap is simple. It is inexpensive and user friendly. I recommend following their twitter account to stay up to date on all their coupon codes and contests.





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