This Time


It’s got to be hot. Really hot. Steam covered glass hot. So hot that moisture surrenders as gravity reveals tiny streams of reflections that trace their way down an otherwise blurred mirror. So hot that every bit of skin is pink with awake. Saturated inhales help exhales go a little deeper. Skin, water, silence and maybe soap.

I call it “Showering in the New Year.” It was my weight loss trick for years.

And just after midnight when I turn the water off I don’t weigh less, there is no detoxification, or sweating out of any fat. It is about turning it and tuning out. Staying in the present and refocusing. Distancing the roar of everyone else’s everything else. Listening to the part of you that knows you can do anything you set your mind to and letting any doubt be overwhelmed by the water. It’s about being who you are exactly where you are, no distractions.


These first weeks of January are always abuzz with weight loss resolutions, healthy dinner tips, and 3 minute ab miracles. The pressure to be skinny in 2013 is consuming. It’s punctuation by never ending commercials and magazines that instantly regenerate vast piles of turkey-brussel-pie holiday spreads into bikini clad photoshopped before and afters. The nauseating marketing creates and then preys on our insecurities in pursuit of our money.

The truth is that today is no different than 12 days ago, it only matters that you start. You can transform your life and loose weight. No fancy gym membership, special shoes, or a new digit at the end of the date is needed. The secret is starting and then regardless of the background noise, starting again. Then again. Over and Over. Your New Year is now, January 1st is not required.


Turn in and tune out any doubt. Be exactly where you are. It’s almost midnight and the showers on. Make sure the water is hot.